Thursday, February 15, 2007

Simone and Kiki

I had been dating Simone for about three weeks and it was kinda on the down low since she was getting divorced. Then I had sex with Kiki because she was over and it was raining and the power went out. Then, even on days when it wasn't raining we still kept having sex. About a week later Simone and I went to dinner at this place called the Weimar Institute and Kiki was working there as the hostess. It was really awkward as certain things became immediately apparent. I tried to save the day by suggesting we solve the whole mess with a three-way. It took me about two hours to walk home. A while later I heard the two of them started dating. They stole my idea and left me out of it, how lame is that?

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finky pinger said...

the Weimar Institute is both vegan and some sort of heretical christian splinter outfit. I think they might be seventh Day Jehovah's Scientologists or something. Maybe Mormon, except healthier and not so leftwing. I find it hard to believe that a hussy like that would be working there, but whatever you say, hater player.