Tuesday, March 20, 2007


That's Rudy. He and I were drinking and screwing around at his parents 35th wedding annaversary and I accidentally gave his mom a karate chop in the eye. I was doing that old Furley-Fu bit from Three's Company and I got a little out of control. His dad saw the whole thing and came barreling across the gym to give me a shove, but he plants his feet right where his wife had just spilled her drink and ends up ass-over-tea kettle on the drum riser. Three months later they take me to court trying to blame his mother's newly diagnosed macular pucker on me, but it didn't take. She'd been complaining about her left eye being blurry for years.

PS. the picture next to him is of he and his wife at their wedding. I totally nailed her first. Snap!

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